Siem - Never-Changing Lord of the Azure Bowl

Siem is the benign god of magic, shadow, mysteries, and dreams. Siem is considered the eldest of the gods. He lived on Nyonia, where he was the most powerful of all the deities. However, sometime in the past he left Nyonia to move to the Blessed Realm.

The church of Siem is the most loosely formed of all the churches. There are no high level church leaders on Nyonia. The names of the various clerical orders are no longer known. There are few, if any, formal temples, with worship of Siem taking place mostly under bare skies. While there are times of communal worship, in general each individual makes their own personal approach to Siem.

Siem’s most important symbol is the Azure Bowl, which is used for seeing visions.

  • Spheres of Influence: The Sky, Wilderness, Dreams, Memory & Forgetfulness
  • Symbols: Stars, moon, bowl.
  • Artifacts: Garlands, berries, sprigs.
  • Service features: Meditation, poetry, songs, silent prayer, spontaneous recitation
  • Sacrifice: Dedication of deeds and works.
  • Instruments: Harp, drums (small), flute

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Siem - Never-Changing Lord of the Azure Bowl

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