Save-K'nor - Lost Guide

Save-K’nor is an intellectual snob. He will only accept followers of genius level. Needless to say, he has few adherents, most of them residing in Land of the Twin Bighorns and County of Kerala. When he appears to humans, he takes on the guise of a beggar in rags, a minstrel, a bard, or a jester. In spite of its exclusive nature, Save-K’nor’s followers can be found in influential positions throughout Nyonia.

There is little interest among adherents for internal politics. Each temple is left to itself. There are weekly services, but the temple is mostly a hostel for clerics. There are three orders which can be thought of more as “schools of thought.”

The Rydequelyn, the Order of the Fool, is the most prominent because of its public acts of esoteric comedy.

The largest order is the Hyn-Aelori, the Order of the Sage of Heaven. It concentrates on the collection of large amounts of literature and artifacts.

The smallest and most exclusive order is the Shea-al-Aecor (the Order of the Lost Guide). This is a group of scholars that believes in using their knowledge for the good of society, though their idea of “the good of society” may be hard to understand except to them. To enter this order you have to be a proven member of another order. The primate is the grandmaster of the Shea-al-Aecor, who operates from his seat in either the Land of the Twin Bighorns or County of Kerala. The primate moves every 100 years.

  • Spheres of Influence: The Concordat & Cosmic Order, Knowledge & Learning, Books & Writing, Art & Poetry, and Guidance & Decision-Making
  • Symbols: Hexagon, lantern
  • Artifacts: Holy water, ablution bowls, books, codices, scrolls
  • Service features: Chant, lesson, lecture, play or skit, announcements
  • Sacrifice: Offerings of money
  • Instruments: Flute, xylophone

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Save-K'nor - Lost Guide

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