Samara Creation Story

Arrival of the Samara

4thworld-destruction-1sm.jpgUnlike other Easterlings the Samara claim they were brought to Nyonia by Tawa to save them from the destruction of the Fourth World. The people of the Fourth World were disobedient and lived contrary to Tawa’s plan. Tawa became angry with the people of the Fourth World. Tawa destroyed the Fourth World with fire.

Samara-4thworld-sm.jpgBefore the destruction, legends tell how the Samara people were gathered together by their medicine men and women.
SpiderGrandmother-3sm.jpgSpider Grandmother then appeared and sealed the more righteous people into hollow reeds and placed the reeds onto a large web the Spider Grandmother created.

SpiderGrandmotherShipssm.jpgThen Tawa blew a great wind which carried the reeds and webs far away. The people traveled east until they eventually arrived on the great plains of Nyonia.

The Samara encountered both the Koori, Wangai, and Ghidorah before all other Easterlings did.

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Samara Creation Story

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