Peoni - Lady of Industrious Labors and Ripe Harvest

Peoni is the patron god of healing, the poor, agriculture and lovers. She is the most popular deity among those who work with their hands, and among peasants. She admires those who use knowledge to help the poor and downtrodden. She rewards virtue and hard work and forgives transgressions. Peoni is, by far, the kindest and gentlest of Nyonian gods. She takes the form of a young girl with hands worn red from hard work.

Peoni is worshiped throughout Nyonia. The countryside is dotted with peasant-made shrines where clerics are welcomed with shelter and hospitality. Temples are found across the land, often with houses of healing on the grounds. The Church of Peoni is always on the verge of bankruptcy as most of the wealth goes to help the sick and the poor.

There are two celibate clerical orders, one for men and one for women. The men’s order is the Irreproachable Order, and the women’s order is the Balm of Joy. The primate of Peoni for Nyonia is the Grandmistress of the female order, whose seat is in the Land of the Five Spices. The church makes a point of staying out of political intrigues, though liege lords often show respect for the church due to its influence among peasants.

  • Spheres of Influence: Fertility, Labor & Work, Farming, Nature, Physicians & Healing, True Love & Troth making
  • Symbols: Flowers, wheat sheaf
  • Artifacts: Candles, holy water
  • Service features: Hymns, sermons, canted prayer and response
  • Sacrifice: Food offerings, alms
  • Instruments: Bells (large and small), recorders

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Peoni - Lady of Industrious Labors and Ripe Harvest

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