Ilvir - Master of Araka-Kalai

Ilvir, known as the “Brooder in the Blasted Plains” is the only god to live on Nyonia, residing at Araka-Kalai. He is best known as the creator of the Ivashu, strange life forms that he created for reasons known only to him. His symbol is that of a sundered claw, and it is said that he took the claws of Agrik and used them to make his creatures.

Ilvir is worshiped throughout Nyonia, but it is not common. He seems to require little effort on the part of his followers, but he also offers little in return. The church is disorganized and has little political influence, nor does it search such influence. The church’s clergy do not take anything very seriously. Perhaps this is explained by the deep mysticism that surrounds the religion’s rituals; a mysticism that is so deep that some claim even the clergy don’t know what is going on.

There are many, scattered clerical orders for Ilvir, but no fighting-orders. Animal and human sacrifices have been performed during rituals, but these do not appear to be official parts of the ritual. The high priest lives in the city of Foca which is in the Land of Five Spices’ is the closest thing to a Primate within the church. The temple in Foca is close to Misyn, a jumping-off point for pilgrimages to Araka-Kalai.

Thrak – The Gate Keeper

  • Spheres of Influence: Ivashu, Caves & Pits, Fertility & Infertility, The Cycle of Life & Death, and Craftsmen & Artists
  • Symbols: Severed claw
  • Artifacts: Holy mud, holy wood, holy ochre, Ivashu parts
  • Service features: Compositions, songs, chants, poetry, recited prayer
  • Sacrifice: Any sort of offering or sacrifice, pref. artwork
  • Instruments: Bagpipes, bodhran, flute

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Ilvir - Master of Araka-Kalai

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