Gaming Mechanics

We are using the Fantasy Hero Game System for a gaming system. There also some house rules that have been established to keep the characters and creatures (both players and NPCs) within the spirit of Nyonian gaming world.

Hero Game Specific Information

Hero Game Basics
Hero Game Combat Basics

Nyonian Campaign Specific Rules

Character building

Character Benchmarks


Magic system

Nyonia Package Deals, Racial Templates and Package deals

When building your characters please the following Hero Designer files. The skills inside the lists are the only ones that are allowed to be in those lists. Do not add new skills to the list or create new package deals.

  • Cultural templates
  • Magic Spells – If your character uses magic then you select the appropriate racial magic prefab for your characters ability and use the file. Mages who are built using the General Mage template cannot use the Arch or High-Arch mage spell books.
  • Mage Package deals – These two packages are only to be used for characters that use magic
  • Professional templates
  • Racial Templates – When creating a character use these templates for any character you create, using Hero Designers New Character Custom/Non-standard rules option

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Gaming Mechanics

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