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What is well known

Realm of Steel and the Three Gems

Names are typically Japanese sounding

Form of Government

The Ainu have a crowned monarchy for as their form of government. The Realm of Steel and the Three Gems’ leader is called King (or Queen). The Queen (King) has a specific set of ceremonial and official duties which revolve around relationships with other Nyonian Nations and Peoples.

Domestic affairs are managed by the Shogunate, who is effectively the minister of the civil service. The Shogunate is recommended by their peers, other nobles in the Realm of Steel and the Three Gems and approved by the King (Queen).

Realm of Steel and the Three Gems Throne

The throne is one of the wonders of Nyonia. The throne is carved from a single piece of Hessonite (Cinnamon Stone) and has the addition of gold ornamentation. The wall behind the throne is made up ruby tiles.

Economic System

The Ainu economic system is based on Mercantilism. Mercantilism promotes governmental regulation of a nation’s economy for the purpose of augmenting state power at the expense of rival national powers. It includes a national economic policy aimed at accumulating monetary reserves through a positive balance of trade, especially of finished goods. High tariffs, especially on manufactured goods, are an almost universal feature of mercantilist policy. Other policies have included:

  • Monopolizing markets with staple ports
  • Banning the export of gold and silver, even for payments
  • Forbidding trade to be carried in foreign ships
  • Export subsidies
  • Limiting wages
  • Maximizing the use of domestic resources
  • Restricting domestic consumption with non-tariff barriers to trade

Known For

Ainu are known for their expertise as miners and master metal workers. The Ainu know how to forge steel. Their steel weapons are armor are famous throughout Nyonia. Ainu are also known for the gems their mines produce.

Ainu Magic

Ainu Technology

Country Weapons Technology Transportation Technology Power Technology
Ainu 3 2 3

Racial Enemies

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The Ainu and Mountain Elioud have been at war for thousands of years. This hatred started when the Ainu stopped exclusively worshiping Ilvir. For reasons no one knows or understands the Mountain Elioud felt personally betrayed.

mountain_elioud-3.jpg mountain_elioud-1.jpg mountain_elioud-4.jpg

Social Order

The Ainu have a very stratified society. It was almost impossible to move up in the social order in Ainu society. The social order is:

1st Tier
  • King/Queen: The ruler of Realm of Steel and the Three Gems is an inherited position. They are the ‘ultimate power’ in the Realm. Their power flows from the nobles and warriors who swear allegiance to the crown.
  • Shogunate: The power of the Shogunate flows from their control of the economy and internal policy matters. The most important power is the ability to raise taxes, tariffs, and control trade with outsiders.
2nd Tier
  • Nobles: The nobles power is based on what has been granted by the crown and the warriors they provide to the crown.
  • Government Officials: The bureaucrats power is granted to them by the Shogunate.
3rd Tier
  • Craftsmen: The ability to create products for export provides craftsmen with some amount of power.
  • Warriors: Warriors provide the realm with defense against outside enemies, especially the Mountain Elioud
4th Tier
  • Farmers: Are valued for their ability to farm and raise crops for the population.
  • Merchants: Are valued for their ability to make trade deals. But as a whole the Ainu consider the practice of ‘trade’ (haggling) to be a ‘dirty’ profession.
5th Tier
  • Adventurers: Adventurers are not looked upon very highly within Ainu society because of the fear they will disrupt the social order.
  • Criminals: Ainu who are convicted of a crime are often branded or tattooed with a mark to indicate what crime they committed.

Favorite drink

Kombucha_Fermented_Mushroom_Tea-sm.jpgThe favored drink among the Ainu is a Fermented Mushroom Tea. The mushrooms are cultivated by a select group of farmers deep within certain mines and caverns in the Realm. The fermentation process is a long and delicate process. The tea also has to be brewed properly or the taste is very bitter.

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