The Celestial Jewels

Fragment Save-K’nor sacred tome

What are the Celestial Jewels you ask? The Celestial Jewels are all the places and times that were created by during the great war between the Greater Gods’. As the Great Gods’ battled each other they would ‘pinch’ off parts of themselves to create Jewels for themselves and their followers where they could hide and fortify against the onslaught of the battles that raged around them. Each of these Jewels provided a place, time and safety for the Greater Gods’ and their followers. Sometimes these Jewels were never inhabited by the Greater God or their minions, sometimes they were inhabited for a long time, and there may still be Jewels which are still inhabited by the Greater Gods’ and/or their minions.

Nyonia is one of these Jewels. All the Jewels together are called The Celestial Jewels.

On a clear night you can see some of the other Jewels which hang in the sky above us.

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The Celestial Jewels

Nyonia - Celestial Jewels bluesguy