Sarajin - Lord of the Icy Wind

Sarajin is the Nyonian god of battlelust and the “sport” of war. He particularly approves of courage, strength and combat skill. He most often appears as a giant, yellow-haired warrior in leather and furs, carrying Fakang, his double-bladed axe. Sarajin lives in his ice castle at Talagaad.

The religion came to Nyonia by way of the Hammeh, and so it is a major religion in the Realm of Frost. It is not particularly popular throughout the rest of Nyonia, perhaps because of its focus on battle and death. Adherents believe that they will go to Talagaad when they die. Once there, they will fight a huge battle. All involved, including those newly killed in the battle, will go to the castle at dusk where they will feast into the night. The next day, the battle begins anew.

This is a loosely organized religion. It falls to a single clan to provide the religious needs for a community. There are few rituals and frills.

  • Spheres of Influence: The Sea, Ice & Snow, Wind, Battle, and The Ljarl (Ivinian Law & Custom)
  • Symbols: Axes, amber, wolf teeth
  • Artifacts: Holy oil (musky), arm rings, rune stones
  • Service features: Recitations of poems, Edicts and the Ljarl, announcements, Judgments, swearing of oaths
  • Sacrifice: Offerings of deeds boasted of or taken to oath, animals
  • Instruments: Horns, lyre harp, drums

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Sarajin - Lord of the Icy Wind

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