Naveh - Lord of Pitch Shadows

Naveh is the evil god of nightmares, thieves, and assassins. He and his invisible minions, the Gytevesha, are said to be powerless during daylight, but they may just be weakened.

The primate for Nyonia is in Kingdom of Rogues. All temples of Naveh are hidden. There are hidden temples in Ravens Kingdom, Realm of the Seven Ports, Ethereal Realm of Makers, and County of Kerala. Rituals often involve human sacrifice and ceremonial suicide. The clerics have little regard for the laity. Children of good and noble birth have been known to be kidnapped by priests in order to become clerics and servants. Stories tell of clerics ordering adherents to commit suicide for no apparent reason. Clerics carry razor-sharp daggers.

There is a close affinity between the church of Naveh and the Lia-Kavair (thieves/assassins guild). The Lia-Kavair give tribute to the church and pass on contracts for assassinations deemed too difficult for the thief and assassin guild. When an assassination is performed, a certain level of “artistry” is considered pleasing to Naveh. One of the most feared religious rituals is the Herth-akan. The miscreant cleric or outsider marked for death is given a one hour head start. He must then survive for three consecutive days being hunted by seven temple brothers. If he does survive, he is forgiven by the church and the seven brothers must commit ritual suicide.

  • Spheres of Influence: Darkness, Nightmares, Deceit, Sudden/Unexpected Death, Secrecy & Things Unseen
  • Symbols: Skulls, black cats
  • Artifacts: Blood, darkness, skull mask, black suit, white sash
  • Service features: Lighting effects, chanting, canted prayer and response, bowing to ground, exhortation/preaching
  • Sacrifice: Stolen goods, assassinations, animals, traitors
  • Instruments: Drums (low & soft)

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Naveh - Lord of Pitch Shadows

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