Morgath - Lord of Chaos

Morgath is the lord of the chaos. He is the god of retribution and revenge, but he cares nothing for justice. He hates all that is fair and noble. When he appears to humans, it is in the form of an ethereal as his true form is too awful to behold.

This is not a popular religion. It preaches that all are doomed to eternal torment in the afterlife. Followers offset this by living to excess until they die. In The Realm of Quintus, Empire of the Oran and Small Province the worship of Morgath is punishable by death.

The only place on Nyonia where Morgath is worshiped “openly” is in remote part of the Land of the Twin Bighorns. The primate seat on Nyonia is found in this remote location. Even there, followers are not numerous. There is a single clerical sect known as the Order of the Lord of Chaos. There are no fighting orders.

  • Spheres of Influence: Primal Chaos, The Shadow of Bukrai, Madness, and Despair
  • Symbols: Black orb
  • Artifacts: Polluted Water, Priests’ Masks
  • Service features: Chant, wailing, torture exhortation/preaching, sermon, “witness”, prostration of the congregation
  • Sacrifice: Anything – preferably human
  • Instruments: Large bells and gongs

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Morgath - Lord of Chaos

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