Larani - Lady of Paladins

Larani is the goddess of battle, known as the Lady of Paladins. She represents chivalry, courage, and honor. As such she comes into direct conflict with Agrik. She cut off two claws from Agrik’s left hand, making him her mortal enemy and bringing the adherents of the two churches into conflict. Her followers are allowed to enter into combat for the sake of honor or to protect the downtrodden, but her knights and warriors are to enter into mortal combat only with reluctance. When she appears to humans she is in the form of an armored woman.

Almost all of her laity and many of her clerics are accomplished warriors. There are only two sects, each with their own fighting-order: the Order of Hyvrik (sponsors the Checkered Shield fighting-order) and the Order of the Spear of Shattered Sorrow (sponsors the Lady of Paladins fighting-order). There are no philosophical differences between the orders. They exist for geographic reasons and to foster healthy competition for honor.

A new order has arisen in the Age of Exploration called Larani’s Oculus. Its purpose and goals are a mystery.

The church is found throughout Nyonia, though it is particularly strong in The Realm of Quintus. The seat of the Laranian primate of Nyonia is in the Realm of Quintus.

  • Spheres of Influence: War, Justice, Chivalry, Vengeance (in her aspect as “The Terrible Lady in Flowing Red”), and Knights & Ladies
  • Symbols: Sword/cross, lance/spear, chequered shield
  • Artifacts: Holy wine, thurible of incense, holy vestments, holy water
  • Service features: Psalms/chants, canted prayer and response, readings from scripture, anointing with holy water
  • Sacrifice: Money offerings, precious objects, weapons
  • Instruments: Great temple bells, trumpets, bellows organs, choir (of pages)

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Larani - Lady of Paladins

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