Halea - Unchaste Mistress of Golden Bargains

Halea is the amoral goddess of wealth and hedonistic pleasure. Halea usually appears to humans as a beautiful young woman, though her true form is said to be so beautiful that it would drive men mad with passion. Halea is an incredibly accomplished negotiator, who always attempts to bargain from a position of strength. She is often considered empty-headed and shallow by outsiders, but she is, in fact, quite intelligent. Her priestesses have attained high positions in the administration of Kingdom of Rogues.

The clergy consists entirely of attractive women. The church is found throughout Nyonia, except in Empire of the Oran or Small Province. The main temple is found in the Kingdom of Rogues. The main temple is known for its “rental” of pleasure slaves (of both sexes) and the sale of pleasure slaves is a significant source of the church’s income. The Halean church has a single clerical order, the Order of the Silken Voice, and has no fighting-orders.

  • Spheres of Influence: Erotic Love, Sensory Pleasure, Wealth, Contracts, & Merchants
  • Symbols: Bells (small), “fertility” objects
  • Artifacts: Sticks of incense, holy wine, holy oils (scented), holy cakes (“spiced”), make-up, jewelry
  • Service features: Communal chants, canted prayer and responses, improvised sermon/lesson, feasts, orgies
  • Sacrifice: Offerings of money, sacred prostitution, sacrifice of precious goods
  • Instruments: Small bells, large drums, gourd shakers, cymbals

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Halea - Unchaste Mistress of Golden Bargains

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