Agrik - Warlord of Balgashang

Agrik is the god of war. Agrik appears as a huge bat-winged, cloven-hoofed demon shrouded in flame. He bears Gashang, a flaming mace, and Sycanus, an ichor dripping sickle. Agrik loves war for its own sake, and his followers relish the dark side of war: rapine, pillage, cruelty and destruction.

Agrik’s mortal enemy is Larani, who once cut off two claws from his left hand during combat. Only the Concordat of the Illimitable Tome prevents him from seeking revenge for this humiliation. Agrik is most often worshiped in The Scipion Empire, Realm of the Blessed Ursus, and the Land of the Twin Bighorns. Worship of Agrik is illegal in The Realm of Quintus, Empire of the Oran, and Small Province, where it is punishable by death by burning. Agrikan rituals often include human sacrifice in the form of combat with the champion of a fighting-order.

The clerical orders with their fighting-orders in parentheses are the Order of Mamaka the Master (Warriors of Mamaka), the Order of Kukshin (Crimson Dancer, which is all female), the Order of the Octagonal Pit (Demon Pameshlu the Insatiable), the Order of Herpa the Mace (Red Shadows of Herpa), the Order of the Pillar of Fire (The Companions of Roving Doom), the Order of the Eight Demons (Cohorts of Gashang), and the Order of the Fuming Gate (Company of the Copper Hook).

  • Spheres of Influence: Fire, Disease, War, Pain & Torture, & Soldiers
  • Symbols: Flame, mace, sickle
  • Artifacts: Torches, fire, holy oil (flammable), whips
  • Service features: Chant, canted prayer and response, ritual combat, exhortation/preaching, recital of sacred lore
  • Sacrifice: Animal or human sacrifice
  • Instruments: Trumpets, kettle drums

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Agrik - Warlord of Balgashang

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