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What is known

Ghidorah Creation Story

Ghidorah are a proud of their mighty heritage. Since the Ghidorah only grow stronger of mind and body as they age, some Ghidorah from Age of Legends are still alive. Though old age will not kill a dragon, he or she could still be put down by physical wounds. There is no known ritual that can restore a dragon to life once it has died.

During the Age of Legends the Ghidorah were much more numerous and controlled a much larger territory. Because of their slow rate of reproduction, time to mature and the pressures from other Nyonian races the Ghidorah have been reduced in numbers.Ghidorah-1.png

The Ghidorah are either solitary or live in small family groups. Because of their size, the Ghidorah require a large amount of food, which also requires a large amount of territory to support even a single Ghidorah. The Ghidorah are exclusively carnivores.

Ghidorah live for a very long time. There are a few Ghidorah who have lived since the Age of Legends.


In general, Ghidorah have grown world-weary of the affairs of mortals. Ghidorah tend to be very intelligent, intuitive and slightly lazy. While once their goal was world domination, most no longer desire power and already have a vast horde of treasure, either acquired or more-likely inherited. Because of their incredibly long lifespan, many Ghidorah have developed interests which involve interacting with the other races on Nyonia. Some Ghidorah very much enjoy watching other races perform music, dance and drama. There are some who are “patron’s of the arts.” Almost all Ghidorah enjoy games of tactics and strategy. The Ghidorah have a game which they invented. It is said it takes minutes to learn and a Ghidorah’s lifetime to master.

Ghidorah often look to gain something far more useful than items or kingdoms – knowledge. They have the time and strength of mind to become experts in all sorts of lore. Some might spend their time summoning other-worldly beings to speak with them, reading mounds of ancient tomes, experimenting with magic, studying the stars, talking to spirits of the dead, or even occasionally seeking out mortals of renown – all in the name of expanding their minds.

There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Some Ghidorah may grow so bored and nihilistic they seek their own death, so they begin raiding villages and country sides as a challenge to find a creature worthy enough of granting them death. Others may hunger for knowledge so ravenously that they kill other Ghidorah and extract the knowledge of the victims’ corpses. Still others, mostly younger Ghidorah, may become obsessed with gaining power or a larger horde and seek out treasure, minions and power, or enjoy the company and affairs of mortals more than most of their kin.

Ghidorah-5.jpgThe most important thing to know about Ghidorah is that if they are offended they will kill the offender almost immediately. And the Ghidorah are very efficient in their ability to kill.


Whole armies have been destroyed by a single Ghidorah. The sheer size of a Ghidorah can panic armies. When the Ghidorahh starts to use its teeth, claws, fiery breath, and magical abilities even well trained armies will retreat in panic.

Some Ghidorah have formed alliances with

Other Ghidorah have vassals who are

  • Other nations
  • Gargun nests
  • Occasionally ‘enslaved’ peoples

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