Race – Berroc

What is well known

The Berroc’s Creation Story tells of how the came into being. The Berroc are sentient trees who are known to live an extraordinarily long life span. There are Berroc who tell tales of when they were the only being to walk across Nyonia aside from Ilviri.

The Berroc are shepherds of the forest. The protect woodland creatures, both mundane and fey. The Berroc enjoy spending time cross-fertilizing plants throughout Nyonia. They are always looking for ways to grow stronger and healthier plants. The Berroc are aided in their endeavors by powerful druidic powers.

There are usually never find more than a dozen with a 10 square league area. The Berroc do not have official leaders but rather arrive at decisions by consensus, which is part of the reason why so few live in the same area together. The Berroc hate fire and the indiscriminate destruction of trees in their domains. The Berroc have been known to guide other creatures in Nyonia to dead or diseased trees to have them removed. But the Berroc do not tolerate cutting down trees.

The Berroc are occasionally at war with the Mountain Elioud.


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